Central Programs in Context (2022-23)

50% of the district's budget was spent on central programs which was an increase of


from the previous year

32% of district employees worked on central programs which was a decrease of


from the previous year

Central Spending By Category (2022-23)

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Restricted funds must be used for specific purposes.

Unrestricted funds are more flexible.

Note: Links (lines in the chart) only appear for spending of at least $100,000. For this reason, the sum of the links may be less than the totals.

All Central Programs (2022-23)

Central Program
Amount Spent
Staff *
Remaining Budget
Academics & Instructional Innovation$9,675,31870.215.4%
Associated Student Body Funds$870,0260-117.5%
Board Of Education$1,706,0491014.5%
Buildings & Grounds$21,349,8129631.7%
Charter Schools Office (Admin)$1,001,354625.8%
Chief Of Operations$4,635,761772.5%
Chief Of Staff$1,403,823648.5%
Community Schools & Student Services$36,556,081144.4634.2%
Continuous School Improvement$495,664375.7%
Custodial Services$21,092,130277.31.8%
Districtwide Expenses$45,307,0310-8.1%
Early Childhood Development$11,107,41258.8536.1%
Elementary Network 4$687,0363.5-1.3%
English Language Learner / Multilingual Achievement$4,190,97523.6516.5%
Facilities Planning$15,145,44821.4734.4%
Health Services (Nurses)$5,960,30244.28.5%
High School Network$2,723,16118.214.6%
Indian Education$34,53408.3%
Labor Relations$1,917,312113.9%
Legal Counsel$2,201,9715.6530.1%
Linked Learning$9,049,62343.743.5%
Middle School Network$1,072,3185.225.9%
OPSR Counseling$6,165,58444.8410.8%
Oakland Athletic League$2,917,1931.59.6%
Office Of Chief Academic Officer$12,515,7191264.8%
Office Of Equity$6,015,01537.254.7%
Office Of Sr. Business Officer$5,868,06530.89.7%
Office Of State Trustee$182,46000%
Office Of The Superintendent$940,738214.9%
Pre-K-5 Network 2$438,7002.51.7%
Pre-K-5 Network 3$495,4762.55.6%
Private Schools Office (Admin)$11,52900.4%
Procurement Services$818,159513.5%
Research Assessment & Data$2,533,62811.346.1%
Risk Management$22,585,6678.7516.4%
Special Ed Local Plan Area$17,346,03142.811.4%
Special Education$61,331,000211.2-2.1%
State and Federal Programs$2,631,65214.55-0.6%
Student Enrollment$3,072,5331912.1%
Summer Programs$6,878,130012.3%
Talent (Human Resources)$13,973,60469.720%
Technology Services$13,300,14632.644.8%
Transfers to Charter Schools$5,899,663030%
Warehouse Distribution$1,529,2639.50.8%
* Staff numbers change throughout the year due to people leaving the district, layoffs, or movement between departments. This count was taken the end of the year, but does not reflect layoffs that may have eliminated positions during the school year. We are working to get data which allows us to display these mid-year changes.